Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Plain White Ts show

So earlier this week someone at my work sent out an offer on the internal e-bulletin board offering free tickets to see The Plain White Ts in concert on Wednesday. While normally I would be podcasting that night I knew that Devon is a fan of the band, and figured free is free. So I snagged a few tickets and last night went and saw a truly 'interesting' show.

Here's a video to listen to while you read the rest of this post. It's the single-tear-rolling-down-the-cheek-rock-star-posed video below for their ballad Hey There Delilah. OMG like TOTALLY the BEST SONG EVER!!1!

So by 'interesting' I mean, I really would've loved it, if I were 13 years old, and a girl. I wasn't familiar with The Plain White Ts other than the Delilah song that's on the radio all the time, but I knew they'd been touring around the country with Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes, so I think it was a fair assumption that they'd be on the rock, emo, indie scene. And they sure were, but they were also totally corporate, really clean cut, and brandishing a really fresh faced teeny bopper image. I don't know if I've ever been to a show that was so "Disney".

And these guys really should be on the Disney Channel. The Jonas Brothers should be opening for them, and there should be tweenage girls with posters of them plastered all over their walls. And there probably are. Its not to say the band was bad; they were doing their thing very well, and musically they really were very tight; I was just surprised how bubble gum everything was.

The funniest thing though was that this show was 18+. What a stupid idea. I mean these guys core audience has to be like 14 or 15 years old. Also the crowd was pretty corporate. Speaking of which, the event was put on by Samsung, and not open to the public was really over-branded. I don't know why no one told the band that this is definitively not cool, but they literally twice during the performance took a moment to plug their sponsor. While some tickets were given out on the radio and such, I actually think a lot of people who were there came by their tickets in the same kind of way I did, through some corporate connection. But that, and the age restriction didn't lend itself much to very dedicated fans. I honestly felt that probably a third of the audience was there under some sort of ironic circumstances. It really felt like a lot of the crowd was just humoring the band to an extent, at least I know I was.

It really wasn't a bad show, it just wasn't what I was expecting, and it really wasn't my cup of tea. These scruffy little rock stars are the band that you really want you 13 year old daughter to like because she think they're totally Alt and badass, but really they're completely not. Check out their MySpace for a few of their admittedly catchy pop songs, or watch the super awesome video for the fairly fun song Hate (I Really Don't Like You).

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