Thursday, September 20, 2007

K-Ville and Big Bang

So I'll try not to make this post too long, because other than as a public service, its really not worth it. But iTunes has a number of the new shows of the season available for free from their store and I thought I'd comment on two that I just watched.

K-Ville is a cop drama that takes place in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. It's about people rebuilding their lives, following their dreams, and rediscovering hope, aka very heavy handed attempt to pull at your heart strings. The show is trying to play off the endless possibilities and fresh start clean slate mentality of this kind of a situation but for the most part it feels too engineered to make me anything but a little disgusted. I don't think I'd go so far as to say this show is capitalizing on the misfortune of a terrible situation; it is after all filmed in New Orleans, bringing some good revenue to the city, and in general I think New Orleans is a good city with a fresh look not seen on screen much, but I still can't recommend this show. Based on the pilot it seems like they're going to be aiming for a mostly emotional show with a large action element. This is a cop show with, I expect, a lot of car chases, and gunplay. But like every bad cop buddy movie these guys are way too transparent, they go over the line a lot. Police would and could never get away with acting like this. And to top it off in the final minutes of the pilot they threw a totally unnecessary, yet major, plot twist into the mix. K-Ville is not worth your time or the trouble. It might succeed to a degree just because it's subject matter is still a very emotional issue for people, but the fact that FOX placed it against Heroes tells me either they legitimately think it can compete, or they are going to let it die quickly. Check out the trailer for K-Ville below, it airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

Big Bang Theory is a pretty traditional sitcom. It follows two genius nerds, who are roommates together and have a very odd couple sort of relationship. They are geeks whose only friends are other uber nerds. No social skills, no cool, no women. But what wacky hijinks will these socially inept dorks have to deal with? In fact its a hot new neighbor girl who moves into the next door apartment. So now they've got to learn to be cool and hopefully make a new friend. Cut to laughtrack, hilarity ensues...

There is a place for these kind of shows, there is a market for them, and this isn't anywhere near some of the truly awful ones that pop up every year, but if you want traditional sitcom I'll still stick with How I Met Your Mother, or even Rules of Engagement over this. Big Bang isn't bad, but if the best thing I can say is theat it has a cool title song, then it probably wont last. Than again, who would've thought According to Jim would still be on the air. Miracles never cease.

The Big Bang Theory airs at 8:30pm Mondays on CBS. Watch this trailer to see pretty much every "joke" in the pilot...

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