Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justice League moves ahead

With the recent news that Warner Brothers has decided to plunge ahead on a live action Justice League movie to be filmed before the potential writers guild strike next summer news has been starting to develop at an alarming rate.

George Miller of Happy Feet, and Mad Max fame is at the helm directing, and while it hasn't been officially confirmed word is he's looking for actors to fill the roles of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman. I personally am hoping for the inclusion of Martian Manhunter or another female hero, but I won't hold my breath. Also whether Miller decides to go with a Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or I suppose even a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern has yet to be revealed.

This week it was reported that Jessica Biel is in final talks to play the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman. Warner seems to be pretty thick into the casting phase now, testing a lot of new people everyday, so until its final I won't count on anything. Also Warner themselves have said they don't plan to make any casting news official until they have a complete cast to announce. Rumors do continue to circulate though. Perhaps the biggest speculation surrounds whether Warner Bros will be able to entice Brandon Routh and Christian Bale to don their superhero personas and join the team. The current speculation suggests that Warner's isn't even going to attempt this, and we will get a brand new Batman and Superman... obviously if this happens we can safely conclude that Warner's has their heads firmly up their asses. Because what the kids really want is another Superman...The other bit of casting surrounds the long rumored Ryan Reynolds role as The Flash, in a recent interview however I read that he definitely does not want to play the Flash anymore. Apparently he's moved past that point in his career... although I'm not sure to what exactly.

We'll have to keep an eye on this film as it develops. I worry that its getting pushed too quickly through production, and will be total crap. Although, if they actually took their time I don't know that I would have significantly more faith that it wouldn't be crap. A film with this much marquee superherodom riding on it is going to be a bit of a crap shoot no matter what. Will it work out? Who knows. I probably would've gone for launching the characters on their own first like Marvel, and then bringing them together, but this could be a good thing too. And Warner's needs to pick up the pace on their comic book films; or else I'll never get that Wonder Twins movie I've been waiting for.

UPDATE - Just after I posted today, another big piece of news broke on JL. Over at UGO they have, from what people are calling a reliable source, a bunch of SPOILER filled details on the films plot and more. I won't post the info here, but you can go check it out right here. I will say that they mention that Martian Manhunter is in the script, but Aquaman is for some reason not; and that the Green Lantern for the film will be John Stewart (which is basically what I expected). No mention of a bad guy though, but it's really sounding like good stuff so far.

UPDATE UPDATE - EW is reporting that Jessica Biel has passed on the role of Wonder Woman. Oh well...


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