Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gatchaman and Astroboy!

Imagi Animation Studios and the Weinstein Company are at it again. After this summers successful, and very fun, TMNT they have signed on for animated updates of two more classic properties, Gatchaman and Astroboy!

Kevin Munroe who directed TMNT will be the main man behind Gatchaman, which is based on a cartoon series released in the 70s that depending on where you lived and when you saw it under the names Battle for the Planets, and G-Force. It is about a team of teenage superheroes ninja scientists who defended the earth against evil alien invaders who were bent on stealing our natural resources. The plot really didn't make too much sense to me but I wasn't ever a real devotee of the show. If you're still not totally clear, this was the one where the good guys often wore the bird-like uniforms...right. Anyhow, we can expect more on that soon, I'm sure, check out this sweet teaser poster for the movie. Also if you read my Twitter sidebar "Stray Thoughts"(hint - its just to the right) you might've noticed a few days ago that I mentioned that uber comic and animation scribe Paul Dini is collaborating on the scripting for this film. Very nice.

Personally I'm much mre familiar with, and excited about Astroboy. The story follows Astro a robot who fights for justice, usually against robot hating humans, or alien invaders. And in a tragic Pinocchio sort of way, Astro also trys to learn and understand human emotion. It's a very good story that really deserves the big screen treatment. Check out this great pic below. :)

For even more on this very cool development check out the original press release whichI read about on Superherohype! Ok, I'm off to Yosemite all for a long weekend. Hope I don't get eaten by a bear. Later :)


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