Monday, October 01, 2007

New Wall-E poster and trailer

I love this new poster for Wall-E. Its simple but says a lot. Click to enlarge. Oh and as a side note, the international trailer is launching later today.

UPDATE - Here is the nice new trailer. Its good, but I was personally hoping for a bit more. Trust me, once you see the stuff I saw back at comic-con you will be very impressed :)


waveman said...

This really reminds me of the poster for "short circuit". A pretty cheesy sci-fi kids movie that I used to _love_:

Chappy said...

Short Circuit rules!

your link is too long, try this

Life is not a malfunction.

Anonymous said...

Shortcircuit totally rocked! #5? was that the special one. Wall-E is really a cross between them and those flying robots from "Batteries Not Included" Which was a kids version of Cocoon if I remember correctly.
Ahh... 80s films... no one should ever dis them.