Friday, October 26, 2007

Sci Fi opens Warehouse 13

Following the recent news about Sci Fi Channel's upcoming show Revolution, they have announced work on a pilot for another new series called Warehouse 13.

The show according to Variety will be X-Files meets Moonlighting. The "comedic drama follows two agents -- a man and woman -- as they're given a "promotion" to head up the hush-hush "Warehouse 13" in South Dakota. The facility is home to a collection of strange materials collected by the government. The pair are charged with hunting down missing objects and discovering new ones -- and then bringing them back to the vaults." Unfortunately "just as a romance starts to develop between the two lead characters, one of the mysterious artifacts brings the female FBI agent's dead partner back to life -- creating quite the bizarre love triangle."

So far only a pilot has been approved, but should the show get picked up it will follow the more episodic story style of Eureka, which will according to programming VP Mark Stern maintain accessibility and appeal to a wider audience, especially females.

Sounds like this could be a fun show, we'll have to see what becomes of it.


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