Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Knight Rider tv update

Just two quick updates on the Knight Rider tv show being produced by NBC as a backdoor pilot for later this year. If you'll remember I discussed this, in some detail a little while ago. But all controversy aside, it looks like the NBC version of the KR saga is moving forward full steam.

News has surfaced that exec producer Doug Liman will not be directing the pilot unfortunately, although the duty has been passed along to a tv veteran Steve Shill. Who recently won some accolades for his work on the Kill Point miniseries which I unfortunately missed :( Anyhow, that's all fine, but what I really wanted to draw your attention to was Ain't It Cool News' excellent somewhat spoiler filled script review of the pilot. Perhaps surprisingly it honestly sounds like it might actually be good!

You know, despite the misgivings I expressed before on this project, I really do think this property could be revamped well, and television is the place to do it. Here's hoping everything comes together and we all end up with a kickass new Knight Rider series we're all happy with.

CORRECTION - Sorry, but as was pointed out to me in the comments, I accidentally said that Doug Liman wrote the pilot script, but in fact it was actually written by David Andron.



Anonymous said...

You imply that the writer for this is Doug Limon. It's not, Dave Andron is writing the pilot

Chappy said...

Oh. yes.
I am very sorry. You are totally correct. Thanks for correcting me on that.