Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Point Break 2 gears up

Just a quick update on the surf film that is sure to blow all of our collective minds. The HIGHLY anticipated follow up to the Swazye / Keanu ultra team-up action film from some 15 years ago, Point Break.

"I am an F.B.I agent!"

Man, what a great film. A true American classic. I personally cannot wait for the sequel. Unfortunately at this point it doesn't look like either Swayze or Reeves will play a part in the new film, although that isn't a guarantee. I mean even Vin Diesel showed up in Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.... Anything can happen. But Cinematical is saying that while both Swayze and Reeves people have been contacted there's no word on participation and the plan for now is to cast the film with Asian lead actors.

According to Comingsoon's recent report we do know that this new film WILL finally tell us the fate of Swazye's character Bodhi who as we all know was last seen paddling out into the giant waves of the 50 year storm at Bell's Beach, Australia. (which incidentally is now something of a tourist attraction for it's historical significance in that film, despite the fact that the break there is only just ok, and the scene wasn't technically filmed at that specific beach). Regardless, the story will revolve around an ex-professional surfer who enlists in the US Navy and is recruited to track down a criminal gang based in Southeast Asia. And the film will mark the directorial debut of Peter Iliff, who wrote both original the Point Break and is also penning this sequel.

The film is said to have a budget of $20 - $30 million and is currently prepping to start shooting in SE Asia sometime in mid '08. Killer.


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