Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pegg is Scotty and Cho is Sulu!

The very funny British actor Simon Pegg has just been cast as Scotty in the new Star Trek film. You probably know Pegg best as Shaun of the Dead fame, but he has also starred in Hot Fuzz, had a fantastic guest spot on Doctor Who, and before all that starred in a great little Britcom called Spaced. I'm positive hes done a lot more, only that's all I can think of right now... Regardless, to this news I say, really, excellent work. Pegg is hilarious and deserves to be mainstream famous. He is funny and will bring some great life to the role I'm sure.

And to top that great news off we also just heard that John Cho, of Harold and Kumar fame, has landed the role of Navigation officer Sulu. I don't know.... I mean the guy is definitely likable, but do you see a young Takei? meh, I'm sure it'll all be good.

This movie sure is shaping up fast. Let's see if that can land Pine for Kirk. And of course we're still waiting on the casting of Christopher Pike.... I suppose all will be revealed soon enough.


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