Friday, October 26, 2007

Enter the Predalien

Thanks go to my friend Bernard for pointing me to the story this morning where USA Today got the first look at the infamous Predalien (a Predator-Alien hybrid) from the upcoming Aliens vs Predator: Requiem film. According to their interview with directors Greg and Colin Strause the film is set to be darker and grittier than past installments in either franchise. They really want to bring the Aliens back to Ridley Scott's roots. Expect darkness, scary situations, lots of rain, a favoring of men in costumes over extensive CG, and I'm sure some pretty kickass action.

As for these pics of the Predaliens, well I have to say I'm not really sold on them. And like I was discussing with Bernard, it doesn't even make sense. I mean the Predators are already aliens. Why are we changing their name?! What we should be doing is finally actually giving the Aliens a real name. My recommendation is to either use the Marvel comics name for their creatures that are obviously based on the Aliens, The Brood, or the name used in Starcraft for them, the Zerg. I mean considering how many times we've seen them now, don't you think we could think of something more imaginative than Aliens... Check out these pics, and go to the USA Today for more.

It's going to be a very cool and fun action film no matter what. Look for it coming at you on Christmas Day.


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