Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Colverfield tidbit

Just a quick note, but because its Cloverfield I thought it warranted a post. According to we will get a brand new trailer and the final official title to Colverfield in front of Beowulf, opening on November 16th. So that's very good news indeed.

There's not much happening on the ARG / rumor front, although feel free to marvel at the splash page for Bold Futura, at, the full site is coming soon. Bold Futura is a subsidiary company of the Tagruato Corporation, and you can read all about that here.

for all your 1-18-08 news, I recommend Cloverfield Clues :)

UPDATE - CHUD has posted a spoiler filled description of the upcoming trailer. It sounds great! really REALLY cool. And there is a piece of a scene described in the trailer description that matches an AICN post from a while ago that describes more of that full scene. The big news if these descriptions are correct, is that the film will feature both a large size monster, and smaller ones as well. Also that the smaller ones may have the capacity to bite people and make them sick. Monster zombies or vampires maybe? That's probably too cheesy. :) Ok, well we do know that it's for sure a real survival story, as opposed to an Independence Day 'kill em all and reclaim our world' sort of thing. We'll know for sure once it comes out in a few weeks.



Bernard said...

nice job on blocking out the spoilers...

Chappy said...

I actually did it specifically because I knew you'd be pissed if I didn't.