Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flashback 07 - The Nightmare

Last night I had a somewhat disturbing dream. I'm actually already forgetting the particulars of it but it was one of those more real world kind of scary dreams; as opposed to like 'a monster is chasing me' kind of things. As far as I can remember, in the dream I was working at a convention center of some sort. And some of my coworkers there were being threatened by this creepy guy who would come around. So basically the dream was this guy coming around to harass my female coworkers, and I had to get rid of him. Just like in the real world, I imagine, I said things like 'get out of here now or I'm going to call security', The creepy thing was that this guy, a tall, blonde, with a broken arm, (oh man, I just realized, it was Dr Danger, from a show I just saw for the first time last night) anyhow, he was totally threatening me. Saying things like 'I'll leave now, but I'm coming back later on with a weapon'. That was the somewhat creepy part.

I don't think I could go so far as to call this a nightmare, but I definitely woke up creeped out. And it got me thinking about bad dreams a bit.

When I was a kid I had this reoccurring dream, a nightmare that was very scary to me. If you've never had a reoccurring dream, they can actually be a lot worse than a regular nightmare because on some level you realize that its a dream, you know the terror that is coming for you. Before I get into it, some quick set up. When I was a kid I was terrified of my basement, this is before my dad redid it into a rec room. It was just a gutted concrete foundation, with lots of creepy crawlies, the furnace, and the washing machine. The rest you should be able to figure out.

So in the dream I'm upstairs in my room, and my mom calls me down to dinner, as I come down the stairs I realize that the gravity has been reduced to a little less than moon gravity. This is very exciting to me for obvious reasons. (I was always imagining what would happen with the loss of, or reverse in gravity to the point where I'd try to make sure I was under cover of a roof or overhang in real life just in case the gravity did suddenly switch) So first things first I start to do huge moon cartwheels around my house. Flips and handsprings with all sorts of great stuff in there, it was fun, but then because I can't control my decent very well I end up landing directly in front of the basement door (which was always slightly open so the cats could get down to their litterbox) and when I land I'm all of a sudden stuck to the spot. I hear a noise... something is shuffling up the basement stairs coming through the blackness to get me. I try to move but I can't, I know its going to get me. And then its there Dracula comes out of the shadows and bites me. Yes Dracula. Everything goes black, which I presume means I'm dead and I wake up.

I had that dream, a lot. And it always scared me. I have no idea why it was Dracula. I don't think the fact that it was Dracula was especially scary. More that it was just this monster coming to kill me. I did have a terrible fear of a few classic movie monsters when I was extremely little. I think there was a tv show that I'm not really remembering that had some scary version of Dracula and Frankenstein that I saw a bit too young. So point is, I had this dream quite often and it terrified me. I had it so much that I would come to realize that it was a dream while I was in it. But I was still powerless to stop it. My mom tried to help. She always had good advice, very sensible stuff. She told me that if I couldn't stop having the dream to concentrate on trying to change the dream. Lucid dreaming is not something easily done, but it can be achieved and once you get it, you can definitely have some fun.

So after trying for ages I was finally able to do something about the dream. It started same as always. Coming down for dinner, no gravity and doing the cartwheels flips. I land in front of the basement, freeze. I can't move, and I know its a dream, I know whats coming. I hear the shuffling on the steps . Dracula is coming up the stairs to kill me. And I just want to stop him, but I can't I can't move, but maybe I can change the dream. I look to my right, and I can see into the living room. The big bay window is right there. I need help fast, and what happens but help comes crashing through the window in a shower of glass. Who is it? Who can save me? It's Batman.

Not just any Batman either. It's Adam West's Batman. And he came swinging through the window just as Dracula reaches the top of the steps. Quick as you like Batman whips out a batarang and tosses it at Dracula, hitting him in the face and killing him instantly. Wow! I mean what can you say to that but WOW. I was just saved by Batman. How totally awesome is that?! I can move again, and I go with Batman outside to the waiting Batmobile. From then on Batman and me fight crime, riding around in style, and kicking bad guys butts.

I don't remember ever having the Dracula dream again, but I knew that if I did I could just have Batman show up again. So it was all good, and I stopped being scared. I have had a lot of nightmares since then, but never anything I couldn't handle... well unless you count when I lived in Africa and the malaria medication gave me violent nightmares 3 or 4 times a week, but that's another, far less fun, story.

I was able to save myself with the help of Batman. And I managed to stop Dracula for good. So it all worked out in the end :)


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