Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Cloverfield updates

So if you've been keeping up on our favorite mystery monster movie Cloverfield / 1-18-08 / Slusho / Overnight you'll see that there has been some interesting bits of activity lately.

Especially the recent discovery of the Tagruato Corporation which can be conveniently found at It was found through a series of clues relating back to a new picture (and recipe) on I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but now if you go to and grab the edge of a picture then shake the mouse, the photos will flip over, some of them revealing more clues written on the back. Go check it out yourself. Oh, and while there wait for 6 minutes to hear the monster roar! Or just check out a good recap of the whole discovery story and the highlights of what the Tagruato page offers to expand this ever growing mystery at Cloverfield Clues. It's by far my favorite Cloverfield blog :)

Anyhow, in a nutshell Tagruato, "Exploring Our World, Ensuring Your Future", is the parent company of among other things, Slusho. Their other subsidiaries include the Yoshida Medical Research, a "genetic research firm specializing in deep sea bioprospecting".... possibly finding the secret nectar special ingredient mentioned on the history page? Sounds like it could be... They allso own Bold Fortura, a contract engineering firm, who build machines with the unique ability to withstand extreme pressure and temperature... like say maybe the bottom of the ocean... hmm. And finlly we come to ParafFUN Wax Distributers; which besides making crayons is good for such things as preparing specimens for histology (the microscopic study of diseased tissue), propelling your hybrid rocket motors, testing samples in infrared spectroscopy, and moderating neutrons... hmmm, okay. Of course the main business of Tagruato is their Deep Sea Drilling operations. They have 14, $1 billion dollar deep sea oil drilling rigs, the newest of which, the Chuai station, just so happens to be located off the NE coast of America. very portentous. There's more of course and a number of clues to follow up on (check out their Headlines section). I recommend you investigate Tagruato for yourself.

Since I know I haven't been super diligent on updating you guys on the Cloverfield front I've missed mentioning a few other things here. Like how if you've examined the renovated, you'll see all sorts of interesting new things. Including links to a store where you can buy the very same shirt I missed at comic con and got from eBay, the Happy Talk section where words of Slusho wisdom are dispensed, updates to the history and downloads pages, and of course the Slusho robot flavor combination game. It must be played to be believed.

For a complete list of updates check out the awesome Cloverfield Clues blog.

Finally there's been one MORE official site related to the film to pop up, is a blog from one of Rob's friends. (Rob is the main guy from the trailer, the one going to Japan.) Anyhow, people on the net have managed to find the MySpace pages of Rob's buddies, which eventually led them somehow to Jamie and Teddy. I haven't really investigated it myself because the page is password protected. But apparently there are currently two video blogs posted there, and they seem to be messages to a friend who is traveling. Is it Rob? Is Jamie Rob's girlfriend? I should probably investigate this a bit more, but there really is a lot of stuff to try to keep up on people ;) You can check out Jamie's first video here and then the newest video here, which was just released today, and also see Cloverfield Clues' analysis here. Expect something more on December 9th...

Really this film is shaping up pretty interestingly. I'm intrigued where Tagurato will lead us. If your looking to get really hardcore into following the developments on the ARG side of things, you should probably be reading the Unfiction forums. That's where a lot of the debate and investigation seems to be going on. For me I think I'll try to mostly stick to the blogs. I'm excited and interested to say the least, but is it dangerous to get myself too invested in the film? Are we going to have another SoaP situation here where the film, even if its good, can never live up to the hype? I hope not. Anyhow, I'll definitely stay tuned. I really can't stop now...



Anonymous said...

I've just finished setting up a new forum/message board dedicated to the movie and related topics.

Just click on "Forum!"

I'm also going to be setting up a gallery on the site of fans wearing their slusho swag. I bought myself one of the hats off the site, I wear it everywhere. See the forum for details!

neelyk said...

grab mine!!! this is an amazing video!!!!