Monday, July 30, 2007

Nice shirt

So as I've already mentioned a number of times, I missed the Thursday events from comic con. Well, now a little piece of Thursday is mine, care of Ebay :)

Probably my single biggest miss was the Paramount panel. I was hoping for some big Cloverfield news from JJ Abrams. Also he was going to talk about the new Star Trek movie he's making. Well while he did talk about Star Trek, and confirmed the casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock, he did not mention much at all about Cloverfield.

All he said is that the film is NOT called Monstrous as was being reported last week, and he unveiled the new poster for the film. There was no new footage, and no more information given. Oh I suppose hew did say that they had just finished production a few weeks ago and were moving into post. But really other than that, there was nothing.

So for fans interested in the film at least they got some consolation in the freebie giveaway t-shirt that Paramount had for them at the entrance to the conference hall. Free Slusho t-shirts for everyone in attendance! Now thats pretty cool. I mean I got free t-shirts, but do i really care about an Invasion t-shirt; no of course not.

So I have gone onto ebay and purchased myself a Slusho tee. I won the auction and for a mere $10.50 it has become mine!!! Check out the picture. Hooray for me!

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