Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spiderwick and Golden Compass trailers

Check out these trailers for the next crop of upcoming kids fantasy films. I think this is an odd genre thats developing. I mean its great and all, but with kids properties, mostly based on books too, it feels like they have even more opportunities to screw things up. Thankfully I am totally unfamiliar with both of the following properties, so I can enjoy the trailers for what they are. Are these the next Narnia??? Probably not, but they do look interesting.

First up, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which is set to come out Feb 29th, '08

And then we have His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, this film looks great to me if only because it has a polar bear in battle armor. That's so cool :) And this film is actually set to come out for this Christmas; on December 7th. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Spiderwick is not... Golden Compass is phenomenal... and I have to say that the trailer really seems to catch the magic of the book. The difference between the two is that in Golden Compass you're look at a real world ... no make believe etc or question thereof. It has more Narnia undertones than HP or other crap in that it is also thoroughly religious in backdrop.
Can't wait for the Golden Compass to come out.