Thursday, July 26, 2007

Watchmen cast is confirmed

Care of a Hollywood Reporter story the Watchmen cast has been confirmed. Most of the rumors circling around the web last week were true too. As I posted here a few days ago, the main cast members are mostly from the television world or haven't broken really big yet onto the movie scene. However they are all noteworthy as being acclaimed for excellent performances in past roles and I for one am extremely happy with the cast. Frankly I'm glad Brad Pitt, or Jude Law are not in this film. I'd rather see a cast of basically unknowns dazzle me. I feel that this film, this story is bigger than any "star" and I'm glad I won't be watching this thinking about the starpower behind it.

As mentioned before.

Billy Crudup will be playing Dr Manhattan who is especially noteworthy as the ONLY character in the Watchmen worl who has real "super powers".
Malin Akerman is confirmed to be playing the Silk Spectre (II),
and Matthew Goode has been cast as Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias


Jackie Earle Haley
of Little Children fame has been cast as the tortured 'narrator' of sorts Rorschach.
Patrick Wilson who was also in Little Children will play Night Owl, probably the most stable of all the "heroes" his investigations provide a more centered backbone for the story than Rorschach.
and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Denny Duquete on Grey's Anatomy has been cast as the very violent vigilante The Comedian.

So, I'd say its pretty good news all around. Hopefully I'll get a bit more info at the Watchmen panel at comic con on Saturday. I'd also be interested in finding out exactly what Gerard Butler will be doing for Watchmen, as director Zack Snyder has confirmed that he wants the Spartan in his film. We'll see what becomes of it though. Until next time, later.


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