Monday, July 16, 2007

Farscape returns!!!

What the heck just happened?!

Did hell just freeze over? Did I miss the signs of a coming apocalypse? Do Ben Browder and Claudia Black have a lot of free time on their hands now that Stargate is finished up? Or perhaps even more likely is Sci Fi channel trying to cash in a quick buck???

These are very relevant questions today, for you see dear readers, the dreams of genre sci fi fans everywhere have been fulfilled. Farscape is returning! Well at least it's sort of returning... Sci Fi Channel has ordered 10 original webisodes to be produced by the Henson Company, who did the original series, as part of their new slate of original online programming.

As a hardcore 'Scapper I am very VERY happy to hear this. Although there is no official word on casting or premiere date the word is that they will expand the Farscape universe, which I suspect is actually code for all new characters and story. But who really knows... I do think that if they do go with all new characters and stories it could actually be a good idea. I love the Farscape story, but if there really ever is any hope for something more lasting then I think we need an expansion of the universe.

The weirdest thing about this announcement though is that I don't think anyone was even really asking for this. Oh sure there are a lot of Farscape fans out there. But after the show was canceled a few years ago, I feel like a lot of them, myself included moved on. And if there was a cause for a show to be championed to return from the dead I think most 'Scappers moved onto Firefly... scanning the ranks of Browncoats out there I know you'll find more than one diehardFarscape fan. Farscape is long gone at this point, and while I'm really happy to hear this news of a resurrection in any form, I still think its a bit odd.

I am definitely going to be checking this out though, Farscape is still my favorite sci fi show ever. I mean even more than Firefly, more than DS9, Doctor Who, or Star Trek:TNG. It is just a fabulous show that I am overjoyed to see return. So here's hoping these webisodes do the series proud. And hopefully we'll also get some more details soon...


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