Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At the Con - Transformers panel

Well this should be a shortish post. I went to the Transformers panel at comic con, but it was really so that I could get the scoop on the new Transformers Animated series that we've been discussing here a bit. The Transformers panel on the whole was a bit boring to tell you the truth. They went into a ton of detail on the toy line, and didn't talk really at all about the movie. Oh and sure there are some great looking toys on the horizon. Just check out this Night Watch Optimus and tell me that doesn't kick all sorts of butt. However the info I came for was slow coming.

When they did get to the animated series though I was able to glean a few nuggets of info. Apparently the show originated from the Hasbro US people had approaching the Hasbro Japan people to talk about a new series to roughly coincide with the movie sometime last year, but after looking at the market in Japan the Hasbro people there said that they really didn't need a new tv series, although if the Hasbro US team wanted to put one together specifically for the US market they could go right ahead with it. And so this is what we've got. Hasbro US joined forces with Cartoon Network, who had already been broadcasting the past three Transformers series, and redesigned the Transformers concept from the ground up for a kid friendly US audience.

Needless to say, this is not ...er my, Transformers. This is a series aimed squarely at 6-11 year olds. It is slick and fast and organic. Edges are soft, and the curves are cool. The producer is coming at the show from a background running Teen Titans and Ben 10, so if you know those shows, particularly Teen Titans I think you could equate this kind of an update to something like that. The idea is to be more fun, more human, less blocky and more organic. They want to create a familiar but new feel that kids will be able to relate to.

So is it for me? no, its not. But then I saw the promo reel for the show. and wow. I was impressed. It was so totally different than any Transformers I'd ever seen before. Bumblebee, who appears to be one of those little smart cars or something is actually doing some crazy kung fu style moves in it! I mean seriously! IS this a good change? a needed update? I honestly don't know. Maybe. I'll say that I am definitely not one for sticking to the way things were. The one way to ensure stagnation is to not even allow people to try something new. So I'll try to be open to this. I mean why not? the trailer was pretty fun, and even gave a sneak glimpse of some of the more varied characters like Grimlock, Wreck-Gar, and Arcee.

I'm more interested, and at the same time trepidations than ever about this show. Have too keep an eye out for more... well, seek and ye shall find. Here is a video of the trailer I saw at comic con. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

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