Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More on Farscape

I am happy today, because one of my favorite shows of all time is coming back, and the news just gets better and better.

As I mentioned last week the dearly departed show Farscape will be returning in a fashion to in a series of webisodes. The Henson company is behind this out of left field move, that may have caught the fan community off guard, but I think is really welcomed by everyone. Well toiday we got a bit more info as TV Guide scooped a few more tidbits on the upcoming web series. Producer Brian Henson has said that the webisodes, which have yet to be written will be six minutes long each and that “each one is a cool little cliff-hanger scene that takes you on a mind-twisting adventure." The stories will all take place in the Farscape universe but might not center around all the old standby characters. However we can expect our two main protagonists son D'Argo Sun-Crichton to definitely make an appearance. As to weather Ben Browder or Claudia Black will appear is still up in the air, however Browders agent issued a statement saying that the actor would definitely be interested in returning to the character if possible.

Maybe the best news of all though, is that Brian Henson hopes this will be a launching off point for a new Farscape themed television series!!! I would be very VERY excited if that came about. Farscape is a fantastic show that was cut far too short. The universe it created though is strong enough that it could and should definitely live on. Way to go Henson company!

Apparently we'll get some more news at the Henson panel at comic con! So I'll be sure to let you know what they say. Its going to be a busy but fantastic trip down to San Diego! I'm so excited! Talk Later :)


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