Tuesday, July 31, 2007

At the Con - Bionic Woman

On Saturday morning I had a nice break from the standard panel and walkabout sessions at the con and managed to find time to sit down for an advanced screening of the pilot episode of the new Bionic Woman tv series. It was pretty packed attendance and although I didn't stick around for the Q&A afterwards they had the cast and creators of the show in attendance, which was kinda cool.

The show is obviously an updating of the 70s Bionic Woman series and for the most part, as far as I know, remains true to form. As I mentioned before, it follows Jamie Sommers who is an unsuspecting civilian who gets caught up in the governments super secret cyborg program and is turned into a partly inorganic super spy counter terrorist chick who has some kick ass superhuman abilities. Oh also when she runs, she makes a cha sha sha sha shaa... kind of noise and goes in slow motion, which signifies actually running super fast ;)

Ok, I'm just kidding they've dropped the slow motion effects, but in a nod to the original series, the did incorporate the noise. In the new show Jamie, played very well by the British soap star Michelle Ryan, is the guardian of her moody, deaf teenage sister, after their parents death. In the pilot episode she also gets herself locked into a bionic rivalry with Katee Sackhoff who plays... someone I probably shouldn't give away.

I will say I enjoyed the show for the most part. All except for Katee Sackhoff's role, which is sad because she does such a fantastic job on Battlestar Galactica, I was surprised to see how cartoonish her villainy was written here. Hopefully they'll make that a bit more believable as the series progresses.

I think the show is worth a shot. The effects were pretty cool, and the fact that it was mostly practical stuff was nice. Overall it's all pretty well played for a tv show. Maybe not as moody as the fist season of Dark Angel, but it's still going for something of that kick ass female empowerment kind of vibe.

Funnily enough, I just read on wikipedia that they actually recast the role of Jamie's sister. What we saw was the old version of the pilot. Apparently the sister will no longer be moody or hearing impaired. She will now be a young budding hacker played by hottie Lucy Hale. Oh, and their parents aren't dead anymore. Maybe I should've stuck around for the Q&A after the screening, then I would've heard this I guess... oh well.

The show is set to air premiere on September 26th on NBC.

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