Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beowulf Trailer

while it hasn't quite hit YouTube yet, there is a new pretty kickass trailer out for the upcoming Robert Zemeckis film Beowulf. Honestly, this film has only been marginally on my radar, and I was taken quite by surprise with the trailer.

The sheer pedigree of talent involved in the film though is interesting and I think the trailer just wraps it up into a great looking film. Set to come out November 16th, I've never read the story of Beowulf before and frankly while it sounds really pretty interesting, I'm getting on a plane for San Diego in like 3 hours and don't have time to learn it. This is a mighty sexy poster for the film though, the trailer is great, and I'm definitely interested in learning more...

If you're interested in more, you can check out the official site too :)


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