Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dragon Wars trailer

Honestly I'd never even heard of Dragon Wars until like two days ago when I was starting to plan out my comic con panels. And even then the only reason it caught my eye was because it stars Jason Behr, and I was quite a big fan of Roswell. That said, after watching this trailer I'm really not sure this is going to be a very gooid film. I think it might make a great television series for sure, and while yes there are some great effects shots in the trailer, there are also a number of really bad ones. Have a look below. To me it seems only slightly better than a SciFi original movie. hehe... ok maybe that's mean, but is this movie really going to be good?! Is it really going to be a big theatrical film? Check out the trailer and decide for yourself. And since the panel session for the film is on Sunday morning when nothing else is happening I should be able to check it out. Maybe get a bit more info...

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