Monday, July 16, 2007

Catching up with Cloverfield

So there really has been an awful lot of internet buzz around Cloverfield, maybe too much to be honest. If you're just joining us, watch this trailer, then check out my post from a few days ago about Cloverfield. Basically its a new movie by JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias) that has set fandom ablaze with speculation.

I honestly try not to get too sucked into these things; but its tricky. There is so much interesting speculation surrounding this film I am very interested to see where its going. But let's just all try not to get burnt out on the film before it even opens.

Moriarty over at Aint it Cool News posted a good article today trying to contain a lot of the misinformation regarding the film. Also he wanted to note that AICN and he specifically had the real scoop on the film. Check out his post for more.

The Ethan Haas stuff that I mentioned before has all but been absolutely confirmed to have absolutely NOTHING to do with Cloverfield. Neither do other sites like (now taken down), or whoever else might be trying to cash in on the web speculation. The only confirmed sites regarding Cloverfield are and And not to say there won't be, but from my vantage there does not seem to be any ARG elements to the marketing campaign; not yet at least. These are just interesting sites.

If you're interested in information analysis, like me but don't want to go hunting around the web, I might recommend you start by checking out this Youtube post that is fairly current and collects the info known so far. Additionally I'd recommend the excellent blogs Cloverfield News, and Cloverfield Clues who have just launched their first podcast, which is hosted by one of the guys from the Lost Community Podcast and gives a spot on round up of all the current Cloverfield information. And finally as always you know that the fan community will do a great job keeping the Cloverfield Wikipedia page as up to date as possible.

I don't want to say that fan analysis has gotten out of hand. And yes I understand that this is from the man behind the unending mystery of Lost, but analysing everything from imagined faces in the fire, to the magnets on the fridge... it just seems a bit much.

Personally I'm interested to see where everything is going. Viral and web based marketing have never been more important and this kind of promotion could really make fort some fantastic buzz. However as we saw with Snakes on a Plane that does not always translate to big numbers.

So what do I think Cloverfield is about? Well I stick by my theory, it is definitely a creature film, and I'm still leaning towards it being a Cthulhu film. If not Cthulhu specifically, then i think it'll be a new made up squidlike tentacles monster. It is definitely NOT Godzilla, as Sony owns the rights to that and this is a Paramount film. But really other than that the possibilities are pretty boundless, and now that fans are separating fact from fiction (on at least some level) the main current debate regarding Cloverfield lies in what kind of monster is it... Guesses range from Mothra, to the Lost smoke monster, to Gamera, and even to Voltron, and of course my current favorite says that it's actually a Rampage movie!!!

Anywhichway, the speculation is shaping up pretty interestingly, and the BS is starting to fall away. Hopefully soon enough we'll get some more solid information. Rest assured kids, I will keep you posted :)

Have a good one people. Keep an eye out for monsters...


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