Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cloverfield trailer and the mystery

So where to even begin with this.... How about we just watch it and then discuss.

That was the trailer for the JJ Abrams produced top secret new sci fi film that is going under the code name Cloverfield. That is not the final name of the film. Paramount isn't breathing a word on this film and information is extremely limited. The trailer showed up, sans title in front of Transformers last week and proclaimed a release date of 1-18-08. While hard legit info is almost zilch there is a lot of fascinating speculation going on.

According to Wikipedia which is probably the only place a proper collection of the info can be found you'll see that Cloverfield (which might or might not also be entitled Slusho) is a film starring a bunch of young actors that I'm personally not familiar with who were hired onto the project without seeing scripts. The film which reportedly cost $30 million is widely suspected to be a post apocalyptic tale of mankind on the brink of survival. Although I think that info is derived from a bogus source so I wouldn't trust it.

From the look of the trailer it seems to me that the film is a monster movie along the lines of Godzilla. Check out the Official trailer page at Apple for better versions of the trailer. Or check here for an interesting YouTubers audio analysis.

While random tidbits of unconfirmed information have been circulating around the net building the buzz and I've no doubt delighting the Paramount viral marketing people, AICN seems to have one honestly legitimate scoop. In this article Harry claims to have received an email from JJ regarding the film. In that mail it is revealed that the only legit website regarding the film that has been found so far is at

Other sites such as which looks to possibly be related to some kind of very intriguing viral marketing campaign and/or ARG for something are apprently not connected with the film... If you're interested in investigating Ethan Haas, here is a walkthrough I found on someone's blog. Also if you go to the Ethan Haas myspace page you might find some more clues that lead you to think the man has some connection to Lovecraft's Cthulhu, a topic I am thouroughly unprepared to broach at this point. But you can find good basic info on from this YouTuber. Perhaps as someone I knopw suggested it has something to do with an upcoming video game by Mind Storm Labs called Alpha Omega. Or perhaps as was suspected at first, it is in fact connected to Cloverfield and this is all an elaborate ruse...

Could these sites be right. or perhaps is the 'proper' view. Here's another smart blogger who is unraveling the mystery of Haas. This message was also recently found “In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.” And what should we make of Slusho... this piece of the puzzle seems to definitely be linked to Cloverfield; and maybe even more of Lovecraft's work.

Ultimately what I'm saying is are we dealing with two adjacent viral marketing campaigns that have accidentally overlapped? or are we actually dealing with the possibility of J.J. Abrams making a Cthulhu movie?! both possibilities are interesting... and I don't suppose we'll know for now. But it sure is a whopper of an internet mystery.

My copious links should get you started if you're interested in searching out more truth. Personally I'll stand by for more official stuff. The net is ablaze with speculation on this film and its hard to discern what might be real from whats not.

So I, like Cthulhu wait.


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