Saturday, July 28, 2007

At The Con - Day 1 (with pictures)


I'm really not sure what else to say but wow. I had a busy and very fun day here in San Diego. And its already too late for me to go into a super load of detail, but suffice it to say Comic Con has overall be fantastic. Oh sure there were a few setbacks today. Like how I ripped my jeans (in the crotch no less), and how I missed more than one panel I had intended on attending because I was either caught in a line somewhere, or on the other side of the convention center; but for the most part I saw what I wanted to see and I did what I wanted to do. I had a chance to wander the floor and see the sights. I went to only 3 panels, as opposed to the 6 I'd planned. But I did go to the two that were most important to me and I got to see some great exclusive stuff.

Maybe the best way for you to experience some of what I saw id by checking out this Flickr photo set I've just uploaded. Its not a complete look at what I saw, or even took pictures of, today but it does definitely give you a sense of what its like here. If I had to sum it up in a word it would have to be just FUN.

I had fun today, the people around me were having fun. That's what this whole convention is about :)

Here is a random selection of 5 pics from the Flickr set, eiter press refresh for new ones or just go check out my Flickr page for more. I posted like 55 pics from today.

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