Friday, July 27, 2007

Golden Compass Update

I have to say the more I see of this film the more I see of His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, the more I enjoy it. The look is fantastic and after watching the extended preview that dropped onto the web today, I am definitely going to go see it in the theater. I urge you to watch this extended preview clip, as it is just fantastic.

Every time I see that shot of the polar bear running across the ice with the girl riding his back I get chills. What a beautiful image. And honestly, who wouldn't want to be there doing that? That image alone will make kids want to come out to see this film. But from what I hear rumbling around the internet, this film is just stellar all around. I as you might have guessed know next to nothing about the story or the books, but I am very impressed with everything I've seen so far from the film. Great stuff :)

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