Wednesday, October 31, 2007

G.I. Joe updates

A few wonderful updates on our favorite Real American Heroes. Over the past few days it's been a scramble for the studios to get their scripts locked down before the impending writers strike, and G.I. Joe was one of the few that was going to be worked on up to the wire. In fact it was even reported that Paramount had contracted for 3 different scripts from 3 different writers to finish up the screenplay, and that they were planning to combine the best parts from the 3 scripts. An idea that would've obviously been a sure-fired recipe for failure. Thankfully though Paramount are not idiots and all three writers, lead by Stuart Beattie, were actually working together to finish the one single script and polish the story.

And even more good news for freedom lovers everywhere revealed today, the script is ready, the film has officially been greenlit, casting is in progress, and a projected February 13th start is in line for director Stephen Sommers. Working with a budget around $170 million (which is happily much more than I was imagining it would be) casting rumors have started to fly. Of course we don't definitely know which Joe or Cobra characters will feature in the film, but we can assume the core most popular 4 or 5: Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, and Snake Eyes on the Joes, and Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, and the Baroness for Cobra. I guess that's 9, already a fairly big ensemble, especially if you're looking for known actors. And at least for the lead that seems to be the case.

Reported earlier this week, George Clooney was rumored to have been up for the role of Conrad 'Duke' Houser. Quite a change from the longer standing rumor about Mark Wahlberg in the role. Both of these seem to be incorrect though, as the most popular current rumor has Paramount courting Sam Worthington to step into the fatigues of leadership for the Joes. Worthington is of course currently off working on James Cameron's Avatar, but word is that Paramount is interested enough in him that they are willing to work around his scheduling. Now that's a good commitment.

I'm really glad this film is getting made. I sure hope they've got the balls to do it justice. So far everything sounds great.



Anonymous said...

no way! are they getting such a-list talent for this movie! And if they do ... i buy a hat just so that I can eat it.

Chappy said...

Well I hope you enjoy hat.

I don't know though, does Sam Worthington constitute a big star? I kinda don't think so. IMO they should only get 2 name actors, one for Duke, and one for Cobra Commander. The rest can be unknowns. Or like they did with Transformers, casting soap stars like Duhamel, and rap-tors like Tyrese.

The huge budghet for G.I.Joe should go towards cool effects and especially bringing some of the great vehicles to life.