Friday, October 05, 2007

Knight Rider times two!

So there's a pretty astounding and somewhat confusing story I just read over at Aint it Cool News regarding not one but two, competing Knight Rider projects in the works. Go read the story for the really gorey details. I'll give you a short run down here though.

Basically, the creator of Knight Rider, Glen Larson has been trying to get a Knight Rider movie made for a number of years. He's finally gotten to a point where he has a script that he's developing with the Weinstein's. Everything seemed to be progressing fine, until Universal stepped in. Apparently Universal/NBC owns the television rights to the property while Larson retains the film rights. When Larson refused to move the project from The Weinstein Company to them it really pissed some people off. So NBC is heading Larson off at the pass, and has started developing a Knight Rider television project to be fast-tracked as a two hour backdoor pilot for airing later this year, possibly as early as the springtime.

This truly sounds like a clusterfuck in the making. Is NBC going to rush the pilot to get it out the door giving us some sub-par piece of garbage? Is this just out of spite? or to just screw with the Weinsteins? If the tv show gets on the air it will definitely screw with the film prospects. So what the hell is going on? Logic dictates that one of these projects will fall apart, but which one? And the most important question. how will this affect the quality of either of the projects?

As a fan, I simply want the best story possible. Frankly I think the property belongs on tv more than the big screen, but NBC/Universal's tactics seem really underhanded... I guess, I'm not sure what I want.

Read the AICN story for the full scoop. And I'll post more on this as it develops.


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