Monday, October 29, 2007

live action Akira

Is it really going to happen? A live action adaptation of the manga and extremely popular anime film Akira? Well, apparently is Warners has anything to say about it yes. And soon too.

Bloody Disgusting reports that, Warners have hired Ruairi Robinson to direct the film which they hope to get working on before the impending writers strike... which could hit as early as the end of this week. Robinson has helmed.. well not too much. And nothing I've seen, except this one short film. Which you too can check out, right here. It's an interesting 7 minute horror / sci fi film called The Silent City.

I for one would definitely be up for a live action Akira film. I think it could be really cool.


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Anonymous said...

woh.... that's all i can say to that.