Friday, October 05, 2007

American Gladiators triumphant return!

That's right kids, one of the absolute all time greatest sporting game shows ever is coming back from the dead! NBC recently announced plans to resurrect American Gladiators for a short run sometime mid-season this year and I couldn't be happier. I have some great memories of sitting in front of the tv in the late 80s, and early 90s watching this classic competition of strength, speed, and agility. To me it always seemed like the American Gladiators were the pinnacle of athleticism; the most hardcore of hardcore.

I think by the time the original American Gladiators was on the air I had fully come to realize that professional wrestling was "fake". Of course, that earth shattering realization crushed my spirits so much that it took me some further years to understand that despite being fake I can still respect the work the actors / athletes put into it. And of course now I appreciate it on a whole other level. But this show, American Gladiators, was on the air in those tender years after I had stopped being a kid, but before I was really a teenager into girls and whatnot. Basically I was a young impressionable tween, only besides the word not existing then, we wouldn't be lame enough to call ourselves that. And American Gladiators filled a void in my life.

It was like everything you loved about The Running Man, only without the life or death scenario, but it was totally real! The Gladiators themselves were fantastic, Ice, Blaze, Nitro. I mean those named alone ooze awesomeness. So the news of this juggernaut of a shows return is very welcome. Frankly I think we need this; The World needs this.

NBC is currently holding auditions for both Gladiators and Contestants. Check out this great NPR story on a casting session. And of course you yourself can apply right here!

But that's not all kids, because there's one more nugget of awesomeness coming your way. Guess who they've hired to host this new prime time game show? None other than wrestling legend Hulk Hogan! That's right Hulkamaniacs, the Hulkster is coming back! I know I know, he's been on tv for a few years now with Hogan Knows Best, but seriously, I can't stand watching that show... and I watch crap all the time. So I'm guessing you don't watch it either. And no, Brooke alone is not worth it.... whatever, lets not argue about it. Hulk Hogan is coming to prime time baby! yeah!!! I think that's just perfect casting. Plays into the nostalgia factor, plays into the semi-cheesiness of the show, and face it kids, the man is damn entertaining, just check Suburban Commando, or the genius that is Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling... pure gold.

I'll definitely post more on this show as it develops. For now let's just remember the all the good times :)

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