Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Office spinoff

WHAT?! is this for real???

Well, in todays Ausiello Report over at TV Guide online, the uber-awesome Michael Ausiello scooped that NBC's very funny show The Office will be getting the Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice treatment, and have a new series spun off of it later this year. The proposed Office 2 will not feature any of the current shows core cast but will focus on entirely new characters, and NBC is currently out shopping for a leading funny man...

This is very weird news, that I'm really not sure I like. Even if its a very different premise than The Office, do we really need another show like it? I love the pacing, timing and unique comedy of The Office, but I worry that another series might overload my appetite for quirky downbeat documentarian comedy. Can tv handle more awkward pauses, or foot in mouth moments? While I'm holding back any final judgment until I hear more, I'm not sure Michael Scott would approve of this business move...


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