Friday, October 12, 2007

RE: Extinction mini review

While Resident Evil: Extinction is certainly not as good as the first Resident Evil film, this installment does return to the light popcorn roots of that initial film without worrying too much about silly things like extensive plotting or character development that might get in the way of the gory fun.

RE: Extinction while definitely too short, and not as frenetically action packed as either of the two previous films, seems to value quality gore over quantity. The zombies are great looking, the blood splatters extremely well with Milla's sweet new curved machetes, and I really enjoyed the set up of the post apocalyptic world. This is a Resident Evil that owes as much to Mad Max as it does to George Romero.

The movie is light, fun, and doesn't take itself seriously at all. Milla is as beautiful as ever, and the addition of Ali Larter to the cast is very welcome. This movie delivers exactly what it promises, and leaves you wanting more.

4 / 5

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