Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tintin to the big screen

I know this has been news for a while now, but since it really didn't interest me as a comic book, I didn't see much need to be interested in the movie version; regardless of Steven Spielberg 's involvement. But it seems I am one of the few kids out there who was never impressed with Tintin. Personally I aways preferred the Asterix series, but I may be alone in that.

Tintin the movie is getting made though, or should I say Tintin the trilogy. And what pray tell, made me perk my ears up? Well firstly it is Steven Spielberg, and we probably should pay attention to whatever films he makes. I mean despite not being terribly interested in the source material; it is Spielberg. Next is the involvement of Peter Jackson. I hadn't realized this but apparently Spielberg is set to direct the first Tintin movie, PJ the second and a lucky director yet to be determined will get to helm the third. Woah, that's interesting...

And now comes the news that the very talented Doctor Who scribe, and Coupling creator Steven Moffat is writing the script for Tintin. Despite my reservations, I just can't help but be curious where this movie is headed. Maybe I will start paying more attention.


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Cecile said...

As a kid and even later I never found Tintin very appealing, just not my type of hero I guess.
And Yes, I much prefer Asterix and Obelix... These two characters are a good synthesis of "French" culture :-)...