Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Escape update

Well, there has been a few small movements on the Escape From New York remake front lately, but nothing truly substantiated until this announcement today, that Gerard Butler has officially dropped out of the film, which has been stalled in pre-production for a while now.

I personally was pretty excited to see the Spartans take on Snake Plisskin, but I understand why he also might want off this ship. The film has reportedly been tossed around to a few different directors in the past while. First it was set up with Len Wiseman, but he left, presumably to get to work on Underworld 3 and the oft rumored Gears of War film. And then reports over the past few weeks seemed to indicate that Brett Ratner was briefly hired onto the film, but now it appears that New Line have settled onto Jonathan Mostow of Terminator 3 fame to retool the script with an option to direct as Butler bows out.

Maybe a rethinking / retooling break is in order for this film. If they do remake it, and I personally hope they do, then I definitely want it to be fan-fuckin-tastic. The franchise has a lot of untapped potential with the right elements in place. Hopefully Mostow is the right man for the job.


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