Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Terminator Salvation is coming

The new film will be called Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. Kind of a mouthful if you ask me, and not a mention at all of it being the fourth film in the franchise...but then again I can see them not wanting to alienate people new to the series, and as Halcyon (totally sounds like a Skynet-esque company doesn't it) keeps insisting, this is a brand new era.

I can honestly see how Terminator Salvation is a new beginning for the series. With a script that has apparently been turned in, and Production set to lock in a director, cast, and begin filming before the impending writer's strike next year this film reportedly focusing strictly on the human war with Skynet, post Judgement Day, has a lot of potential to be not just the start of a new megafilm-franchise, but a rebirth of the entire Terminator mythos. The film will build solidly on Terminator 3, matching it in scale but hopefully expanding the scope to launch the proposed 3 new films in the series.

And yes, apparently there will be a tie in with Terminator Salvation and the upcoming FOX series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles set to air mid-season this year, or more likely early '08.

The current rumors put uber action director McG, known for massive spectacle, and huge explosions second only to Michael Bay, at the helm, and guess who but good ol boy Vin Diesel in the role of the Terminator. Speculation remains whether the Govenator himself might consent to a cameo at least, but he is definitely not being asked to star. Also, with most of the specifics of the plot under wraps still reports are sketchy and conflicting as to whether Nick Stahl, Claire Daines, or even potentially Edward Furlong might return to the series. Other speculation, I think the most reasonable, says that the new films will not focus on John Connor as the central character at all, but rather the human resistance movement as a whole. As more of a frontline war story. Only time will tell where the plot really is going though.

Good to see things are really moving forward on this film. Frankly I'm not super excited about this film yet, although I know that I will definitely get into it the closer it becomes. I love the franchise and I love the potential the Terminator presents. I hope we can strike gold with this.


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