Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Van Peebles Unites

The Baadasssss himself, or perhaps I should say son of Baadassss Mario Van Peebles has stepped from the ether into the news spotlight again. This time developing his long time passion project "The Uniter" for the big screen. Van Peebles is set to direct the film based on a script he wrote and developed himself over the last 6 years inspired by his travels through India, and Aztec mysticism.

According to Variety the story "chronicles the journey of a political fugitive who escapes from the future back to the present to teach a 13-year-old how to use his powers to unite the warring factions of the world before it's too late for planet Earth."

Time traveling politicians? Diplomacy at all costs? Sounds like a sure fire winner to me :) Van Peebles hopes to begin shooting in January.


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