Thursday, September 20, 2007

That was scary.

Last night while I was on the bus going home we got into a pretty bad accident.

But not with another car. I was on the 48 bus and we were on 24th street almost at Mission. We had just stopped at Bryant i believe, and so thankfully weren't going very fast when it happened. So as we're just pulling away from the curb, there was this huge THUMMPPP. and the bus stops.

Oh my god, we actually hit someone. It was totally fucked up. everyone got off the bus very upset. The guy, an older mexican man was actually lying under the front on the bus. yes, I mean he was actually under the bus... lying on his back with one arm definitely broken going totally the wrong way. Thank god the bus driver stopped and the guy didn't go under the wheel.

It looked to the people in the front of the bus that the man had honestly just tried to cut across the street in front while the bus was still stopped. So scary...

I left after the ambulance arrived. They told the crowd that he was breathing and talking which was a good sign that he would be ok. The whole situation was definitely screwed up though. It's crazy how fast it all happened.


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