Thursday, September 20, 2007

Unbox and Journeyman

So last night I decided to finally try Amazon Unbox, which I talked about here before. Now that NBC has made the decision that it will not go with iTunes for its next season tv shows, a horrible move if you ask me, they are launching themselves onto Unbox exclusively with a bang.

NBC is offering a number of its new season pilots for free on Unbox, and as you know I've been waiting impatiently for Journeyman (officially premiering after Heroes on the 24th), so I decided I just had to partake in the Unbox revolution. And for the most part I was very impressed. Despite the whole DRM thing and having to watch it on the Unbox player, it was a very good experience. Thankfully their player is extremely nice, so I feel like it was well worth it.

But that's not really what I wanted to talk about here. What I wanted to talk about was the Journeyman pilot. See you have to understand that I have terrible luck picking shows. From Invasion, to Daybreak, and Smith, to The Black Donnelly's. Sure some of the shows I get into are popular, but it seems like when I pre-pick shows to be the best of the new season they often fail. Journeyman has been my most anticipated new show of the season, so you can imagine my trepidation. I want it to be great, even better than its obvious progenitor Quantum Leap, and despite a few murky leaps in logic I think it just might be.

Journeyman has a lot going for it. Especially Kevin McKidd the lead, who thankfully plays it smart. I get extremely frustrated when people in movies or tv shows wont admit the obvious, because 'that's just too incredible...' This protagonist realizes pretty quickly that hes traveling in time, he realizes what he's doing and he even acknowledges the dangers and potential paradoxes right upfront. Also a big plus in my book, it doesn't stumble into the pitfall of Early Edition in that yes he CAN tell people about the time traveling. And while yes I admit a few scenes like 'the Intervention' were really a bit too fast coming, overall this show plays it very smart and realistic. My only concern within the context of the show is the as yet unexplained physics and rules of his travelling; even in this pilot episode I felt like it didn't really make a lot of sense.

I hope this show can find an audience. The Heroes lead in is great, and I think the show has a lot of potential. We'll see if the world is really ready to accept a new time travel show. For my money I'll say yes, and hope my luck with predictions is changing.

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Anonymous said...

I fear you've made a bad bet. But good luck. To make it interesting I'll throw a toonie at two of your cheap as sin American dollars! Ha... they're only pennies compared to our real currency.