Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Amazon Unbox, Apple Showtime event

A couple quick things so far today.

my podcast On Hold... got a mentioned on one of the most famous podcasts in the world The Dawn and Drew Show. It was very exciting. For listeners, you'll know that in On Hold...ep024 we had a special guest star of Devon's roomie Laura on the show. Well ,she called into the D&D show and gave us a shout out along with her comment and they played it. Hooray for us! I don't really know if that would lead to more listeners, but hey its still cool. Obviously I don't know numbers, as that seems to be a closely guarded podcast secret, but I know that Dawn and Drew get somewhere in the range of 100 000 listeners per episode. We, don't quite get that... but maybe one day ;)

The Apple store is down right now. I'm hoping that means that after their press conference today well see some movies up for sale there.... more to come on that definitely.

This past week Amazon launched their service Amazon Unbox. I browsed through it and it seems fairly standard. They do have movies, both for rental ($3.99) or for purchase ($14.99+) but there are some really annoying restrictions on them. Seriously I mean it would probably work if you rolled out every movie for like $10. Its a friggin digital copy! I would never pay that much, especially considering I can only download it to two machines, then only to two portable devices from said machines. Yes they allow you to back it up, once. And then once it's burnt to dvd you can only play it on the same machine you downloaded it on. Basically its retarded. They did have a few tv shows on there that I hadn't seen on iTunes, notably Star Trek TOS, and Enterprise. They also had a few animes, Escaflowne, Gundam SEED, and Outlaw Star. However these anime cost a whopping $3.99 an episode! It's practically criminal. I have a feeling whatever iTunes offers it will blow Amazon out of the water.

I'm going rock climbing this evening for my very first time! Should be a barrel of monkey fun! I'm being taken by a cool new friend from work, Tara. Very exciting, I wish Erica could come but she's just too busy. Anyhow, that's all for now. Maybe I'll be back later today with Apple news. bye bye.

ps - ilounge. has good coverage of the event going on right now. So far they've announced 2nd gen ipod shuffle, 2nd gen nanos, a new 5GB ipod (60% brighter screen, games from iTunes Music Store, iTunes 7, and an updated iTunes store with more album art, some increased organization stuff, video resolution increase to (640x480), and NFL season 2006 available. I'm gonna go watch the rest now. Later.

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