Monday, September 11, 2006

Bloggy McBlogsalot

Am I late with the blog? ummmm... nope.

Is there supposed to be some kind of blog-ligation here? I don't think so. Actually I'm really usually way to busy to blog over the weekends. So really, I'm sorry but you'll just have to deal with it.... that incidentally, is for the one person out there clamoring for more nuggets of internet gold to fall out of my brain and onto your screen.

I don't really have too much to say now, you know... Its Monday. And while there are a bunch of small things I could say, I'll probably forget them all once I try to put it down...

Lets see, I did just sign up for The local Race for the Cure which you are all more than welcome to sponsor me in. That should be fun. Its only 5km, but I enjoy these "official" races. It's always a good adrenaline surge to run with lots of other people. Obviously it's a great cause too.

This past weekend Erica's had an old friend from Montreal in town which has been cool. Erica has extremely cool friends. Jen, that's the friend, is an animator on the tv show The Backyardigans, which I haven't actually watched but looks pretty cool. We also all went out this weekend a bunch. It seemed to be a real combination of drinking and then exercise. We went out for Friday night drinks as usual, first to Naan-n-Curry (yum!) and then to a local Irish pub, and it was all fun and games. I had a Boddington's Ale for I think the first time, and really liked it. I usually can't deal with super creamy beers cause they are so dark and heavy, but this was great. Anyhow, then we went first thing on Saturday morning for a 10km run. It's a pretty good run, that me and Olivia have been doing off and on for a few weeks now, and this time Jen decided to join us, which was great. It's nice to finally have someone who I can run with, even if I still have to hold back a bit to keep with Olivia. On Saturday night we went out to Film Night in the Park, although this time it was actually in the square, and watched Hitchcock's The Birds while drinking cheap wine. It was fun, although I don't really think The Birds is one of Hitchcock's best films. My top 3 would probably run:
Strangers on a Train, then The Man Who Knew Too Much, and finally Lifeboat. On Sunday it was back to exercising when Erica, Olivia, Jen and I walked a whopping 8.26 miles (I mapquested it) from the ferry building in downtown over the Golden Gate bridge to Saulsilito. A nice walk but I was pretty tired out. Then we had a really good pot-luk over at our house and played some strange (but fun) French board game that I can't remember the name of.... So as you can see, busy weekend. Oh and I'm a bit lost as to when... maybe it was Saturday during the day, but we drove down to Mountain View and saw our friends Miriam and Florian who just had a baby girl on Tuesday. I honestly don't think I've ever even seen, and I know I've never held a baby that young before. She was only 5 days old, and extremely cute. I have to think that just being alive at that point is pretty challenging. She slept the entire time we were there. :)

I did manage to pick up a cool new dvd this weekend. Since I won the Best Form award at last weeks bowling with my work I had a $25 gift card for Target, and I picked up Fraggle Rock the complete 1st season! I haven't watched it yet but man do I love the fraggles. They we're seriously my favorite incarnation of the muppets. On the back of the box it says that Jim Henson envisioned the show as television that could bring about world peace. I think that's really sweet.

Ok, I know that I don't really have anything of interest to say today... that's why I'm not going to let myself feel obligated to blog all the time. I'll do it often enough, but I definitely couldn't handle the pressure of "having" to blog. Besides, where's the fun in that.



waveman said...

Let me add Dial M for Murder and North by Northwest to the list of great Hitchcock movies. :)

Michael T. said...

How the heck do you know so many people in the entertainment industry. From TMNT the video game to The Backyardigans. Your tale reminds me of my college days back in 'ol SF. My lesbian friend and her roommate would ride our bikes through Golden Gate Park to the beach. Then ride north through the Presidio and across Golden Gate Bridge. Then back to the city, through the Marina, Embarcadero, downtown, then back to USF via Fulton Street. Man I miss that city.

Also, if you like sushi, check out Nagano Sushi on Geary and Arguillo. Much better than any sushi place in Japan Town.

michael t. said...
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