Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A little Transformers, and a lot of Nebraska...

Aaaahh!… it'’s a mystery worthy of Scooby and the gang!

Just kidding it's only me; Geoff. If you found me today through the mystery blog of the day over at A Yoga Coffee Outlook, I thank you for giving my little blog a look. If you look around you'll probably see that I'm pretty darn geeky... at least thats my impression upon first glance. But I think it might be more aptly be that I'm just geek cool. Right? hehe... yeah. Ok, so the fact that the most popular topic for my blog has been the new Transformers movie, admittedly might not be that super kewl, but hey am I blogging to make friends and influence people?! heck no! I do it for the kids... it's all for them.

Seriously though, can you really say you're not impressed with this fantastic new look at Optimus Prime? Really that's just cool. It's great the studio is on top of things. ie: as soon as the picture leaked they just said screw it and gave out high res versions officially.. Nice eh?

Prime back - Prime face

And honestly, I am very excited to see these guys hit the big screen. So what else has been going on with me lately, and/or who the heck am I? Well, I spent Labor Day in the warm embrace of America's heartland. That's right folks, Nebraska, effectively a state of grace.

I went for a family reunion. "But Geoff!" you shout, "you're from CANADA. There ain't nothin American bout you." Well that is where you'd be wrong. Both my parents are American, and I hold dual citizenship. Which is of course how I'm able to live so freely in this home of the brave. Credentials go a long way. Anywho, so I have these relatives out in Nebraska, not close relatives, but relativeses nonetheless. In fact, I'd never actually met any of these people before in my life. This was the Buel family reunion, and being a Chapman, I was thrice removed from the mix. That of course didn't stop my mother from convincing me and Erica to head out to Nebraska for the weekend to meet my second and third cousins, and I have to say that I was really glad I did. Travis is my second cousin, maybe 8 months older than me, and was from what I can tell the instrumental person in collecting all of these disparate relatives together. I was impressed that he managed to get everyone there too. Even though he said he had some troubles with the more local people, he pulled off a group of around 40 or so people. Here's a picture of Travis and me. I'll maybe try to put some of these up into a flickr group if anyone is interested.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lincoln which was fine overall. I'm not a super big fan of Holiday Inns, but this one was ok. For the record, my most favorite hotel ever is in fact a Holiday Inn; it's the now shut down (i believe unless this is it) Holidome in Brussels where I went when I was 8. Anywho, Lincoln is a interesting town, and when I say interesting I mean boring. It may be the state capitol, but the only thing it seemed to have going for it was the university. At around 200,000 people it is pretty much a university town. And since Nebraska has absolutely no professional sports teams, college football reigns supreme. Enter the Cornhuskers. Due to some weird fortune I was in Lincoln the day of the Cornhuskers first game of the season. An important but apparently easy game which they won no problem. Since I don't really care for football I can't tell you who it was against or anything, but I think like everyone was at the game. The waitress at restaurantnt said that on game days, it goes Omaha, Lincoln, and then the football stadium as the most populated places in Nebraska. That night Travis took me and some of my other cousins out on the town to a bar. It was pretty intensely full of football crazy kids, all decked out in red. Fun, but I wish there was something other to drink in that state than Bud Light... yuck.

Anyhow, the trip was great in the end. We went to the old family farm and had a BBQ. I was hoping for a hog roast but I guess not enough of the locals confirmed coming so it wasn't worth the hog. I saw tons of old photos of my grandma, great grandparents and even further back. The genealogy for my family is very extensively done, and we had a slew of photos and documents from literally 150 + years back. I mean I found a letter from my great great grandfather to his sister about watching Abraham Lincoln speak on his 'press tour' while campaigning for president. I've got a bunch of those scanned now, so I'll try to put those up into a flickr group too, cause those are really interesting. I also got to see a lot of my first cousins and more immediate family, some that haven't seen in upwards of 10 years. My sister and her boyfriend came down from Vancouver too which was super cool. Oh and one of my cousins had his two little girls with him, and his youngest Megan was just about the sweetest kid I've ever met. You know when you meet children that makes you immediately fall in love with them and want to have kids yourself.... that kind of kid.

Ultimately my only really bad thing I'd say about the entire trip was the food. It was soooo heavy. I mean, these people really treat potatoes and ketchup as their main vegetables. Everything was fried, or cooked with tons of oil. And it all just sort of sat there inside you. Yes it was tasty, but man it really made me wish I'd brought my running clothes.

Here are some of my choice photos from the trip. These are only the new ones not the olden day ones.. obviouslyly.

- -

- -


Yeah there was some other stuff that happened too, but mostly speaking that was it. This blog post however has taken me like literally hours to complete because of all the pics, and it being so busy here today. So With that I'm going to sign off for now. Before I go though...

3 things that piss me off

  • Erica lost her iPod in Nebraska
  • The pilot to Heroes for NBC was supposed to be up on iTunes - see On Hold... for more
  • Big Brother is infuriating (incl Boogie, the veto comp, Erika, CBS, girl talk, Will leaving, etc)


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