Monday, September 25, 2006

Freakfest x2 and more

So even with Erica out of town for the weekend I still managed to be really busy. I wish she was back but I've still got a few days to go on my own. We went out for a short while on Friday night but then decided to retire fairly early back to my place. Jan and Cecile brought over the very awesome board game Robo Rally, so we drank and played that, until I got too drunk and couldn't concentrate. Then we watched one of my all time favorite films The Last Starfighter. But that was only the start of the fun and excitement this weekend on Saturday instead of going to see the Dragon Boat Races, I decided to relax a bit and play an older game that I picked up a while ago but had never played Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick. Also I was really a bit too hung over to get out very early. I did a quick run around my neighborhood on Sat morning and it was pretty disastrous. Mind numbing video games were exactly what I needed.

Later on in the day though my friend Daniel convinced me to come out and meet him for some time at the Lovefest which was happening downtown at Civic Center. Wow, what a total freakfest. Basically its a music festival. Starts with a parade through the city. Each float has a different DJ on it. The parade ends at the civic center area outside city hall. And then its just a big dance party in the street. There were 20 different stages, a bunch of vendors, food and drinks. Daniel and I spent like 3-4 hours dancing. I'd say we definitely spent most of our time at the Energy 92.7 stage. Although I started out at a different stage that was pretty Technoy, it was easier to get into a groove with more dancy music. Especially cause its pretty weird to be in the street in the middle of the day in a crowd of people dancing. But the people were really great there. All the freaky freaks, and rave kids came out to show their support for the Lovefest. I've never seen so many furrys in one place. It was pretty fun, and even though I didn't see Oakenfold who was headlining the festival it was a very good time.

We didn't actually stay for the entire evening though, actually we went out to meet up with the rest of the gang at Film Night in the Park. This time it was up in North Beach and they were showing The Bicycle Thief, which I had never seen before. Granted we missed the first 30 minutes trying to find parking, but considering how slow the film is I think I got everything down pretty well. It was extremely depressing, but I guess I'm glad I saw it finally. I was supposed to see it at film 101 in university but I skipped out on that nights class to go to see Sloan play for like the 8th time.

On Sunday morning bright and early Daniel, Cecile and I went out to do the Race for the Cure. The timed run last run I did was for the SF Marathon 5km back at the end of July and as you can see I finished with a very respectable time of 23:50. This time though with the route almost exactly the same I managed to pull away with an even better time :) The results can be seen here, I finished 65th overall with a time of 22:25 for the 5km. Admittedly I got a bit of a better start this race than I did at the SF Marathon run, but I still ran much better overall and am really very happy with myself. I actually finished 19th for males in my age range, and that's with me being at the old end of the range. Anyhow, good times. I ended up raising a surprisingly large amount of cash with $700. It was all from family and I think it helped that I'd recently seen them all out in Nebraska.

After a shower and lunch we went out to see Jet Li's new one Fearless. Supposedly this will be his final action martial arts film. And I have to say while beautiful, with decent action, it never lived up to the likes of HERO, which is by far his best work. Fearless was a little too simple overall, and I felt like his character was a little too unlikable for a little too much of the film. There was also more than one tired cliche. A few of the fights were staged very well though, and some of the supporting character had nice three dimensional nuances. Not the highest note to go out on, but still a decent film.

As if that wasn't enough after the film my friends and I all went down to the real freakfest of all fetishdom, the Folsom Street Fair. This is one of those things that could really only happen in San Francisco. Basically just like the other street fairs Folsom plays to the local businesses, however Folsom street happens to have all of leatherworks in the city on it (or at least it seems to). The Fair has basically become one huge crazy, fetish party mostly around leather and bondage. There were a bit too many people there, like it was so many people too crowded that I was uncomfortable, and there was definitely an element of sensory overload; but as the fair thinned out and people started packing up and the crowds dwindled down I could handle it better. I saw all sort s of crazy shit. I mean really I have never ever seen so much cock in my life. for real it was crazy. naked men everywhere on the street. I really wish my friend Gillian was there cause I think she would've really enjoyed it, and been able to keep me a bit more grounded. I was a bit overwhelmed as I said. There were public spankings and floggings for charity. All sorts of whips, chains, and leather everywhere. People acting like dogs on chains, their masters towing them along. I saw a really crazy suspension that looked very intense. Saw a like a 70 year old guy chained to a fence. masks, hoods, dildos, and many, many cockrings. I even saw a guy getting a blowjob for the crowd. Basically a fun lighthearted afternoon in the city. I found some sweet new shades there, but I kind of think that this'll probably be the one and only time I got to this particular street fair. It was definitely an experience, I'm just not into the leather fetish culture that much. Oh and cock. I'm just not into cock. Nothing else really to say about that.

Sunday night I came home and chilled. It was a really busy weekend, and even today I'm just tired. I need more sleep.

I've had a complaint that the text on the blog is too small. And I'm not sure really. I mean I know its small, but if you have a good monitor I think its ok. Also I can't really judge how people see because my eyes are so bad I just figure everyone can see things easier than me. So this post obviously is in the one sized larger font. Is it better, or does it just makes the posts waaaay too long? What do you think?

Ok I'm out now. TTYL.


Angie said...

Hey, thanks for posting on my TV Guide blog. You should start one there just so we can be friends. =) I never got back to your last e-mail. I'm not sure why, but I'd definetly skype with you. Maybe I could help you and Devon on the podcast.

BTW, have you listened to PCS lately, our last episode had an interesting shout out to On Hold at the very very beginning. Check it out. And yes, I am a freak for TV! Yay fall premieres!

Chappy said...

hey superstar, ya thanks for the shout out I always listen to PCS right away. I will put a post on TVG so we can be friends.