Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The "podcast" debate

If you're familiar with what's been going on regarding the term "Podcast" then you should find the following MP3 file extremely interesting. I urge people to listen to it, Created by Rob from the very smart Podcast 411 it runs about 10 minutes and tries to dispel some of the hype surrounding the media attention to the issue. If you don't know it came out recently that "apparently" apple was trying to patent the word podcasting. Or so most reports claimed. Seriously that's not what happened though, and I know I can't explain it anywhere near as well as Rob does, so please just check out the MP3 file. Podcast 411 is an extremely well produced informative weekly (I think) interview podcast, and although I don't listen all the time, I pick up episodes here and there that interest me. I definitely trust what he says here. So check it out...


Thanks to Chris from the Collected Comics Library for forwarding this to me.

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