Friday, September 15, 2006

Bad Kitty

So I was just woken up (at 5am) in a pretty unpleasant way... by being peed on by a cat.

Erica and I are staying at my parents house tonight and tomorrow looking after their very cute new kittens Loki and Freya, while they are our of town. They are just little kittens, I know, and I know that I moved their litterbox out of the kitchen cause it smelled too bad (although I literally walked them down to the new location and I know they knew where it was), also I know that its just a lot of excitement for some little kitties, and they like having the attention of me and Erica but Freya at least she's the only one I'm sure of managed to pee all over the room we were sleeping in. On our bed, on the other guest bed, on our laundry bag (which thankfully empty) and of course on us...

It's hard to be mad at them, cause they're so small and I know that they really just made a mistake, but still we're the ones who ends up at 5:30am now doing more laundry. Bad bad kitties. :(


Zee And Zed said...

"I moved their litterbox out of the kitchen cause it smelled too bad"

I hear cleaning the box out makes it smell better but I wouldn't know, I just close the door.


Chappy said...

Yea, but you know... cleaning out a litterbox when they're not really your cats isnt really fair. It seems like something that should be good for a few days on its own. I think I'll have to do it tonight though difinitely. They're just too cute to be mad at anyhow.