Thursday, September 21, 2006

300 trailer

Check out this amazing looking new trailer for the film

The trailer's from iFilm (I didn't realize they offered coding for blogs :) The film is by the man behind Sin City, Frank Miller. It is also based off a comic, although this one I haven't read yet. But after seeing the trailer I think I really would like to. You can find more info on the film over at Superhero Hype! What do you guys think?

UPDATE - god damnit, i hate it when they do that. Looks like the trailer has been taken down. I guess it wasn't ready to go up officially yet. Total BS. Once it's out on internet, and the buzz that it will generate is already in motion, all taking it down does is make people like me (who might blog about it, or talk about it on my podcast) PISSED OFF. Nice job Warner Bros.

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