Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Climbing = FUN

Man, so climbing is super fun. I can't believe I never did it before, cause I really enjoyed myself. I'm definitely planning on going again as soon as possible. Maybe next week if they'll let me :) So I went with my friend from work Tara, who is very fun and cool (and I'm not just saying that cause she reads this) and her friend and climbing partner Ben. We went to the Mission Cliffs gym in downtown SF. I won't go into super detail on the technical stuff because if you know, you know. The actual climbing was totally great though, like an intense compacted workout with each climb. I think I did pretty good too. I did 5 or 6 climbs total, maybe we went a bit slower cause it was 3 people and we all took turns but I was happy to get a break inbetween climbs. Since I run a fair bit I've got some decent leg muscles but this took a fair bit of upper body too which I wasn't totally ready for. I managed not too bad though. And did up to a 5.6 climb. which is decent I think for my first time. I also tried out bouldering which is climbing without any ropes, on a smaller wall. There are less moves to reach the top, but its really technically challenging. Anyhow, its not like I had any technique. I mostly powered my way through things, but I know there were a few instances where once I thought about things I was able to think my way through a tough spot. Honestly I didn't realize how much concentration it took to climb. Great fun really. Afterwards my arms, like my forearm muscles that control gripping were totally sore and most fine movement s with my hands were really tough, but that's pretty much gone away by this morning. I'm definitely looking forward to climbing again. Very cool...

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