Sunday, September 17, 2006

Paul Van Dyk

Last night friends and I went out to see the DJ Paul Van Dyk playing at 1015. It was a bit of a crazy night. Lots of alcohol, or at least enough to make me pretty wasted. But it was necessary because he didn't even start his set until midnight. Erica and I stayed until like 4 am, which was definitely late enough for me. I think he was supposed to play until 7am. Seriously though I am too old for that, and the music just wasn't quite doing it for me as much as I was hoping it would. Strange in a way, because Paul Van Dyk is pretty famous around the world, only not at all here. Or sorry, I shouldn't say that, if you've heard of him he is extremely famous, if you haven't then he is a no one. Does that make sense? I mean that he is either extremely famous, or just a nobody. There isn't any inbetween. Basically in the world of DJs its Paul Oakenfold, and Paul Van Dyk. And if you know anything about that culture you'll probably know both of them. Not to say I'm a huge super big techno dance music guy, but I do try to stay hip for the kids... Actually I really like some good trancy stuff from time to time.

That said, I was surprised that not too many people knew Van Dyk when I told them about the show. I actually wasn't even planning on going, but the call I was waiting on never came... that's another story that I'm not going to bother getting into now, and one of our friends backed out of the show so there was an extra ticket up for grabs. I had a decent time, but I think I prefer to just listen every now and again to a song here and there, this eternal flow stuff is a bit much.

One really funny, awkward and embarrassing thing happened to me last night. I was pretty wasted and I guess I was sort of nodding off at one point while standing there on the dance floor. I mean it was pretty damn late. But so I'm in this daze, half dreaming that I'm talking to Erica (i believe) and, at least this is how I'm thinking it probably happened, this couple starts pushing their way past me through the extremely crowded dance floor towards the stage. The passed in front of me, and I'm guessing were pretty close to me like right in front of my face. So as they passed by I'm like sleeping and I have no reason why I did this except that it was right in front of me but I just sort of kissed this guy's cheek. I mean I think I was jostled sort of into him, but I definitely kissed him. And then there was this sort of snap, and I all of a sudden was just standing there, with the heavy beating techno music saying to myself 'wait a second. did I just kiss this guy?! WTF?!' I sort of just stood there, and the guy is like looking at me and we have this weird moment of awkward silence just sort of like 'yeah... that was weird'. And his girlfriend is standing there looking from me to her man back and forth like' WTF just happened?!' it was pretty funny, and very embarrassing. After one of those pauses that seem like forever I just turned around without saying anything and walked away to get another drink at the bar. Very embarrassing overall...

Ok, that's all for me now, but before you go, check out this super sweet trailer for this movie A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints. I think it looks awesome, and Robert Downey is just really really great these days. Bye bye.

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