Sunday, September 09, 2007

Journeyman coming soon

Superherohype! which, as I hope you all know, is one of my most favorite sites on the internet, was recently doing an exclusive interview with Kevin McKidd of Rome fame, on one of my most anticipated new shows this fall Journeyman.

In NBC's own words the show follows "Dan Vasser (who) thought he had it all: a loving wife, a great son and a steady job. But life suddenly throws him a curve ball. Dan finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose — impacting people's lives for the better — and sometimes the worse. While doing so, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancĂ©e, whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash. Now armed with the knowledge of the present, will he be able to save her? What would that mean to his own future? And how would it change a man who thought he had it all?"

Not totally but VERY similar to Quantum Leap, wouldn't you say? Maybe with a bit more personal mystery involved too. Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about the show. You should check out this trailer.

One of the most telling things I took from the interview I mentioned was that this show unlike Lost of Invasion will not be relying on chasing down the mystery, but rather dealing with the more immediate and intimate story. I think that's smart in a way, but it also worries me that we'll end up with too contained episodes. If there's one things that grates on me its purely episodic television. They also mentioned the two main practical rules of the time traveling element of the show, firstly that Dan can only travel within his lifetime, and secondly he is always traveling in or around the Bay Area (ie - San Francisco, California). Dan has to help people along the way, and like Quantum Leap most of the people have nothing to do with his personal life. Unlike Quantum Leap though because Dan obviously stays the same person when he travels back, and because he keeps flipping back and forth from the present to the past he has access to modern information (although yes technically Sam did have Al). Besides all that though the series creator Kevin Falls swears that he's never seen Quantum Leap so it really has no impact on the show...uh huh, sure...

The show looks pretty sweet regardless; and I'm interested to see where it goes.

As a final point, the fine people at SHH! did ask McKidd about those Thor rumors and he responded by saying that they are "semi-true" although that the last he heard they were looking for someone closer to 19 or 20 years old. Maybe he'll be up for someone else in the Norse pantheon? Time will tell on that front.

Journeyman is set to premiere on NBC on Monday nights starting on September 24th, at 10pm. Yup that's right, they even gave it the Heroes lead in. I hope it helps :)


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