Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Avatar pic a fake

The wonderful people over at Ain't It Cool News have a great update on Avatar direct from the source, director James Cameron. Today they published an email sent from Cameron to Harry Knowles on among other things that recently leaked artwork, which I talked about here. Head over to AICN for a very nice update on the film, it's well worth the look.

Whether you consider it unfortunate or not, that 'leaked' artwork from last week is absolutely and definitely fake. Cameron set the record straight saying "it is definitely not remotely our actual character design. Aside from two legs, two arms and a tail, it doesn't have any features in common with our final designs."

Oh well... FOX will give us something real when they're good and ready. And since Cameron is in the thick of shooting now, you never know what might get out. We'll have to keep posted on this, and hope to get something a bit more tangible in the near future. At least it got me excited to see more, that's a very good sign.


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