Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Terminator 4 details

Chud has scored a solid scoop with some emerging details on the upcoming Terminator 4 film, which yes IS in fact set to feature Christian Bale as John Connor. The details could probably be considered mild spoilers, but by the time the film gets closer to release, and the marketing machine kicks into gear I can't imagine that you won't know these details anyhow. However if you're sensitive to this kind of thing, look away now.Yes that means you too Bernard. don't bitch to me about it after I warned you and everything...

So here we go. The film does feature the character John Connor, but reportedly will not "star" John Connor. Instead it will star a new character named Marcus. This role has yet to be cast, but he will play the main protagonist in all proposed 3 upcoming Terminator films. That said, John Connor will play a bigger role in the second and third films. We'll also get a cameo by the character Michael Biehn played in the original Terminator, Reese. And finally another new character, Blair a hard ass woman fighter pilot will be introduced. But back to Marcus. As the film opens we find its around the year 2015, and Marcus who I think may be some sort of convict is just stepping into this brave new world for the first time. He is a bad ass along the lines of Riddick. And he will find Connor well into gathering his resistance fighters and then get himself involved somehow.

There will be lots of big action scenes as I'm sure we all expected. And we'll even get a few fights between humans and the "rubber skinned" T-600s, the precursor to the Schwarzenegger model. But then there is the one other major plot element that I won't mention here; but you can go read for yourself over at CHUD if you like. It's the part they hid in invisotext. I will say that it is a very interesting prospect that has never been explored or really even hinted at in the films before...

So, really pretty big happenings in the works for our shiny metal friends. I think the future of The Terminator franchise seems to be shaping up nicely. Now let's just hope The Sarah Connor Chronicles can do as well with the material.

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